“Continental provided a welcoming environment from the beginning. I started my training when my girlfriend bought me hours at Continental and I stayed with them until I got my Private Pilot certificate.  I have tried other FBOs, but I always came back. It’s a great place to fly, learn, or just hang out and chit chat.” – Daniel Nasserian

“Flying at Continental Aviation is truly a once in a lifetime experience, the people are great and it’s the perfect place to learn how to fly” -Ethan Gura

“When we landed our T310R at KVNY on 5/16 we found that one of our props had been badly nicked en route. I stopped in at Continental aviation, and in less than an hour, Simon called to tell me that he thought the damage could be repaired but would need to get the plane to his shop to take some measurements. He then offered to tow it … Simon gave me an estimate over the phone, had the work completed by the next morning and did a beautiful job on the repair. He topped our O2 off, and towed the plane back, again no charge for the tow. His workmanship was excellent, the repair was completed quickly, the work was reasonably priced, and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Simon and learning a bit more of the KVNY history from him. I appreciated finding someone on the field with lots of piston aircraft experience (he also runs a flight school there) and who does great work at reasonable prices.” – Vin Rampey

“Continental Aviation is the best place to learn how to fly” – Edward Smith

“Flew into VNY on Friday 3-8-08. The plane needed an oil change so I asked the front desk at Skytrails for a recommendation for an on-field service place, they recommended Continental and gave me Simon’s cell number. They towed the plane to his shop on the other side of the airport just north of the tower. Oil change was done within no time and spark plugs cleaned for a decent rate. Simon and his crew were excellent.” – Rico Sharqawi

“Continental Aviation is a great place to learn to fly. The people embrace you as one of the guys, and make you feel at home” -Darren Galerkin